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Rwanda ranked 3rd greenest destination in the world

Rwanda has made history and Africa proud after it was ranked the third greenest country worldwide by an international travel guide for adventurous travellers, World Travel Guide



Rwanda has made Africa proud after it was ranked 3rd greenest country in the world by an international travel guide for adventurous travelers, World Travel Guide.

This ranking will not only boost its tourism industry and provide confidence to all the travelers visiting the country but it will also go a long way in changing the people’s perspective of Rwanda as a country marred with a dark past. According to the list, Rwanda scooped 3rd position with Costa Rica taking top spot followed by Ecuador.

The list of greenest places released by the global tourist guide looks at the top countries out of 20 destinations from all over the world that are striving to be environmentally friendly.

The 20 countries that made it on the list of the countries that are working towards having self-sufficient eco-friendly villages are, in order, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Rwanda, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Pitcairn Islands, the Isle of Eigg of Scotland, Bhutan, Sweden, Australia, Copenhagen, Chumbe Island in Tanzania, Britain, Iceland, Canada Azores Islands in Portugal and Portland, Oregon.


According to the continental guide, Rwanda received tremendous eco-credentials when it banned the use of plastic bags – making it one of the cleanest nations on the planet. Last year, the Central African nation hosted a total number of about 1.22 million visitors, compared to around 1.122 million in the previous year, an annual increase of 97,000 visitors.

Source: Mail & Guardian Africa

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