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Fatumas Voice Forum to host a Youth Uniting Africa Conference in Ghana

The community organisation Fatumas Voice will be holding its first Youth Uniting Africa Conference outside of Kenya in June 2019. The goal is to discuss the major challenges currently facing the youth in Africa and identify reasonable and actionable solutions.



On 12 July 2013, Chris Mukasa founded Fatumas Voice, “a community organisation that seeks to use art, discussion and other creative tools to encourage expression and civic participation”. Five years later, Fatumas Voice has held 142 themed community forums and hosted 1 420 artistic performances, which has brought together 15 000 community members. These forums seek to create a movement on the continent that would facilitate a broader social movement.

Mukasa, one of Africa’s young and passionate voices, has been hosting these community forums mostly in Kenya. For the first time, Fatumas Voice will be hosting an event in Accra, Ghana. The Youth Uniting Africa Conference will take place on 29 June 2019, with the mission of building an Africa that speaks for herself. It will take the shape of a four-hour-long forum that will include conversations on how young people can create and explore opportunities in Africa. In collaboration with The Bright Continent and Alliance Française, Accra, the Youth Uniting Africa Conference is set to be an annual youth conference that will take place in different African cities.

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The conference has the following main objectives: to discuss the major challenges currently facing the youth in Africa and identify reasonable and actionable solutions; to identify the emerging opportunities for young people in Africa in terms of job creation, education, talent development, policymaking and governance; and to promote community integration by creating a shared action plan outlining actions for Africa’s youth to achieve both personal and continental goals.

In its press release, Fatumas Voice stated, “The rate of unemployment and poverty remains high. In spite of this, there are new opportunities coming up each day to change the current narrative and improve people’s living standards.” Registration for the conference is currently open here.