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Uganda clocks 840 abortions daily

Treating unsafe abortions costs the Ugandan government Sh7.5 billion annually, according to Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD)



Uganda reportedly registers 840 abortions a day, which translates to 35 abortions an hour according to a news report in New Vision. The estimated cost of an abortion for the individual woman and community is said to be Sh 60,000 and Sh 120,000 for post abortion care.

Stigma and moralization are cited as major problems that lead women to seek abortions, instead of using contraceptives. Uganda’s Minister for Primary Healthcare (Sarah Opendi) said: “Government spends $5 million on contraceptives but only 26 percent of married women use one way or another type of contraceptive…when a pregnancy is unwanted people resort to abortions.”

According to WHO, the country’s contraceptive prevalence rate is 30 percent.

Opendi also pointed out that Uganda’s law need to be reviewed, to decrease the high mortality rate as a result of unsafe abortions. Healthcare professionals are sometimes hesitant to treat patients, because they fear arrest.


Source: New Vision