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WATCH: Kenyan woman racially insulted for being black

A white Finnish woman is caught on video verbally insulting a Kenyan for being black. The footage captures the barrage of insults, which include the Kenyan woman being called ‘not human’



A shocking video of a black Kenyan woman being verbally abused by a white woman in Finland for being ‘black’ has caused a stir on social media.

The racial attack was filmed from the Kenyan woman’s car and the white woman is seen standing next to her victim’s car and spewing out a barrage of insults. In the video, the visibly angry white woman says: “I am a Finnish woman. You are a f***ing African woman”.

“You are zero. You are not human in my eyes. You know what happens in our country. Why all come rape our country? We are in trouble because of black people”.

“Just try to leave good here, work. Don’t use our facilities,” she adds.


The unidentified Kenyan woman then responds to the insults: “I am a nurse, by profession. I treat people in the hospital. Why are you attacking me? What did I do to you?”. To which the Finnish woman retorts, “Because you are black. This country will be like this. Because you are black and I’m white”.

After the barrage of insults, the Kenyan woman says “thank you” to to the white woman as she’s leaving, to which she curtly responds “You are welcome, but not in my country.”

Watch video:

[youtube id=”-yC9vrjOayE”]