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What is Africa’s stake in Notre Dame?

After the Notre Dame fire, many straight-shooters among us turned to social media to offer a history lesson on all the unsavoury things France has done to Africa and remind us why it is not our place to catch feelings. Instead of being salty and criticising the West for stepping up to handle something they consider an emergency, should our reaction not be to reflect on ourselves as a society and what our priorities are? asks Lineo Segoete


Dorothy Masuka and the problem of the state

Following the death of legendary singer-songwriter Dorothy Masuka at 83, Stan Mushava reflects on how she was denied a place both in Rhodesia and South Africa. Similar post-colonial experiences of artists, journalists and activists support the argument that ultimately it must be the role of the African Union and sub-regional bodies to protect free expression, because individual states have narrower minds and temporary interests.