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Africans deserve to know details of deals their leaders sign with China

China’s footprints are all over the African continent, signing deals with many countries. However, the finer details of China-Africa loans are often kept secret. There are concerns that African countries are mortgaging their natural resources as collateral for the loans. The China-Africa deals ought to be transparent, and the public has the right to scrutinise the agreements.


Mbeki and Dangote launch AfroChampions Initiative on regional growth

The Africa rising narrative is hinged on Africa being economically integrated. The AfroChampions Initiative is set to mobilise African multinationals to accelerate the economic integration of the continent. The president of the AfroChampions Club is Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote and former leader of South Africa Thabo Mbeki is the president of the AfricaChampions Initiative, setup to mobilise African multinationals to drive economic integration.