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International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict: #EndRapeInWar

Conflicts are breeding ground for many atrocities, which often have long lasting effects on people’s physical, social and economic lives. Chief among these atrocities is sexual violence suffered majorly be women and girls. As we commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual violence in conflict, let us think about how can prevent this injustice in our communities.


Uganda: Policing how women dress, what defines appropriate or decent dress code?

A Facebook post by a Ugandan student, Joaninne Nanyange, which chronicles how she was stopped from entering the Law Development Centre by two women because she was inappropriately dressed [knee length skirt] has stirred a debate on the platform. The post has divided opinion over what constitutes “appropriate dressing”, and several questions have been raised on Facebook. Questions such as how should a “proper” dress code be defined and measured, Who (should) define the decency and appropriateness of how women dress (formally and informally)? What informs institutional rules of professional attire?


#RUReferenceList: Shifting the shame to rape perpetrators

Students at Rhodes University in South Africa are protesting against the pervasive rape culture at the college. There have been numerous messages of solidarity posted on social media after publication of the #RUReferenceList which names the alleged rapists at Rhodes University.

“Powerful. Revolutionary. Brave. Necessary. All I have are adjectives to describe this
—> #RUReferenceList !!!” @tembisa