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Zambia’s Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma wins Queen’s Young Leader Award

African youths have continued to prove that even without the right conditions, they can still make an impact and will excel given the right environment. 25 African youths were recipients of the Queen’s Young Leader Award out of the 59 recipients. Zambia’s Natasha Kaoma who is a women’s health advocate led a drive to launch fundraising to provide menstrual hygiene kits to girls in rural areas.


Second successful penis transplant performed by Stellenbosch University team in South Africa

In South Africa, the world’s third successful penis transplant has been successfully performed by a team from Stellenbosch University at the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. The transplant took nine and a half hours. The recipient of the transplant was a black man who had complications after a traditional circumcision 17 years ago and had lost his penis while the donor was a white man.

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Should there be a health warning on the bitters that promise to enhance male sexual performance?

The link between the masculine ego and male erection is well known. What is less known is that pursuing sexual performance at all costs might be damaging to one’s health. Dami Ajayi weighs in on the numerous local practices that Lagos men resort to ensure that they satisfy themselves and their partners within the four corners of their privacy.