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Twitter pokes fun at the falling South African currency

South Africans took to twitter to make fun of the weakening rand which tumbled to an all-time low on Monday



The chances of President Jacob Zuma paying back the money are #StrongerThanTheRand. This was among the most creative and most shared tweets on the hashtag #StrongerThanTheRand which has been trending for the past two days.

The hashtag was created in reaction to the weakening South African rand which has continued to tumble, reaching record lows on Monday. On Monday the rand traded just over R14,00 to the greenback and above R20,00 to the British Pound.

The weakening currency is likely going to fuel inflation and price hikes. Despite the possible tough times ahead, South Africans took to social media to make fun of weakening currency in a classic case of laughing at yourself.

Here’s our selection of some of the witty #StrongerThanTheRand tweets.