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Malawi president orders vote count to stop

Malawi president Joyce Banda has ordered the Malawi Electoral Commission to stop the counting of the votes from the May 20 election, citing many “irregularities” in the process, the Maravi Post reported



Banda used powers given to her by the southern African country’s constitution to order the MEC to stop tallying the votes from Tuesday’s election, adding that fresh elections will be called in 90 days where she will not contest as a presidential candidate.

She made this announcement during a Saturday press conference which she conducted at Kamuzu Palace.

It is yet to be seen if this order will be obeyed considering the fact that it has increasingly become accepted that opposition Democratic Progressive Party president (DPP) Peter Mutharika has taken a telling lead in the race for the presidential seat.

The report adds that this move by Banda is likely to incite violence as DPP supporters may not accept this decision.


Source: Maravi Post