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Ugandan student commits suicide after failing exams

A student in Northern Uganda hanged herself over the weekend after failing her national secondary examinations for a fourth time



A Ugandan student has committed suicide after failing the national secondary exams for the fourth time. According to the police in Otuke District, Northern Uganda, the 23 year-old student purportedly hanged herself.

Identified as Joan Abua, the student’s remains were found at 10am hanging from a nearby tree on Sunday. According to family members, the deceased was sitting for the exams for a fourth time. She had had an argument with her brother, who was paying the school fees, over her performance and advised her to repeat for a fifth time.

The Resident District Commissioner of Otuke district, Mr. Abak Robert, blamed a lack of career guidance for the incident.

“Most of the schools in the country lack career guidance but they only think of making money, that is why there are increased cases of students’ failure in most schools across the country,” he said.


In one of the seven letters she wrote to her relatives, Abua wrote: “This world is not easy; I tried my best in vain.”

Source: Daily Monitor