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Fractured peace: Resistance and transformation in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean government prides itself in maintaining a police force that keeps the country safe and at peace while other countries on the continent struggle to deal with conflict and war. Recently, however, Zimbabwe has experienced a surge in citizen protests and violence. But what does ‘peace’ really mean in a society that is built on and sustained by various forms of violence, asks Vimbai Midzi.


Stealing Africa: The case for wiping out all debt

The amount of wealth flowing out of Africa is ten times the amount the continent receives in foreign assistance. This is the only argument African countries need to make when advocating for debt forgiveness. Through tax dodges like “transfer pricing”, big multinationals pay more taxes in the West than they do in Africa while carting away its resources. How long shall Africa allow this to continue?


It is time Africans got some respect on the international speaking circuit

It’s always nice to feel appreciated. That’s a feeling often denied to Africans trying to break into the international speaking circuit. Those Africans who are lucky enough to get speaking gigs on the international stage often find that they are paid less than speakers from other continents. George Issaias, who runs his own speaker bureau, writes that the time for this trend to change is now

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Why South Africans burn their schools

This year marks 40 years since the student uprisings of 1976, after which South Africa was never the same again. At the heart of the student protests was black consciousness – a political awareness of what it meant to be saddled with a grossly inferior education in segregated schools. Schools remain a prime a target for protest action. Just a few recent examples include: in April, angry students burnt down a technical high school in Port St Johns and in May, 28 schools were torched, some razed to the ground in Vuwani, Limpopo.