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Africa Day: Youth participation, the power is in our hands. Cartoon credit: Tony Namate/This is Africa
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Media development in Africa: Telling our own African stories

Africa is not a country, but for a long time a single narrative about the continent has been told. Western, Asian and European powers know the importance of telling their stories. Countries in these regions have established media outlets that sell their narratives, religious beliefs, social, cultural ideals and political philosophies. This is hardly the case with African countries, and it should be addressed.

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African Journalists and Bloggers Leveraging Creative Non-fiction to Better Depict their Continent

“Irrespective of whether you write blog posts, long form or short articles, once you start producing text content for your newspaper or editorial staff on a regular basis, you’re already a step closer to non-fiction. You can already write a book! You are all writers already, you just need to be given a better outlook on what’s already before your eyes.”

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The Western Media’s Coverage of Africa Disturbing

The Western media is Africa’s number one enemy. Its reportage on Africa is consistently biased, cementing stereotypes that Africa has a leadership crisis, and the continent is incapable of producing outstanding leaders. Without understanding specific geopolitical variables, it has consistently demonised its leaders, Muammar Gaddafi, Patrice Lumumba come to mind and now Rwanda’s Paul Kagame.


Meet Nkosiyati Khumalo: GQ South Africa’s new editor, the first black editor

Nkosiyati is making history as the first black GQ Editor and although the double title is a bit daunting he brings with him five years of experience at GQ, having worked as the GQ deputy editor and Style editor. “I remember not seeing many people who looked like me at a senior level. That’s even more true when it comes to lifestyle and fashion titles, not just in South Africa, but worldwide,” he says.