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Picking Up the Phone: American Humour vs Zimbabwe’s Foreign Policy/Reputation

The American comedy show, ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) has been having a decent go at President Donald Trump. In a comedy sketch featuring Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Robert Mugabe portrayed by Kenan Thompson, ‘Trump’ calls the Zimbabwean ‘president’ and tells him, ‘This is the new sheriff in town’. Takura Zhangazha looks at the meanings of the Trump/Mugabe comparison and the various perspectives on the relationship between Zimbabwe and the U.S.


Zimbabwe: Evan Mawarire #ThisFlag movement leader arrested on return

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested Pastor Evan Mawarire, who started #ThisFlag, a social media campaign, which encourages citizens to speak on poor governance, the ailing economy, corruption and poverty in the country. Mawarire was arrested upon his return, and he reportedly faces charges of subverting a constitutionally elected government. Mawarire’s arrest has been heavily criticized on social media, and his return has also divided opinion on various platforms.


Morocco readmitted into the African Union: Will the AU remain resolute on Western Sahara?

The African Union (AU) welcomed an old member, the Kingdom of Morocco, that left the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU) after the continental bloc refused to support Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara, which it occupied in 1976. The dispute over Western Sahara will hog the limelight and the issue, which has continued to divide the AU member states will resurface and test the AU’s strength and resolve to address a longstanding political crisis.

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Poles apart? A tale of two African strongmen

Zimbabwe’s governing Zanu-PF party has confirmed President Robert Mugabe as its candidate for the 2018 polls. President Mugabe who will be 94 in 2018 has showed no signs of relinquishing power and naming a successor. Conversely, reports that Angola’s President Jose Eduardo dos Santos will step down before the country’s 2017 elections have raised a few eyebrows. The reports of dos Santos’ retirement come amidst numerous cases across the continent where leaders continue to cling on to power, in some cases against the wishes of the electorate.


Legacy of Samora Machel in quotes

Today the people of Mozambique commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of founding President Samora Machel. Africa pays tribute to Machel on the anniversary of his death. To celebrate the legacy of President Samora, we remember Machel through quotes about what he stood and fought for.


Zimbabwe: President Mugabe’s son-in-law appointed Air Zimbabwe Chief Operating Officer

President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law, Simba Chikore, has been appointed Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) Chief Operating Officer (COO), an appointment which has caused a storm on social media, perceived as a classic case of nepotism and favouritism. Officials says Chikore’s appointment is above board and he was appointed solely based on his qualifications not political bias.


Zimbabwe: 18 year-old makes history after graduating with B Accounting (Hons) degree from UZ

History has been made, Zimbabwe’s youngest college student Maud Chifamba, who was enrolled at the country’s top college, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) has graduated from the institution with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting (Hons), aged 18. Chifamba becomes the youngest graduate from the university, and her outstanding accomplishment is being hailed by many on social media.