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Nigerian churches and their role in encouraging patriarchy

“In Christ there is no male or female,” but in many churches across Africa gender inequality is the norm, which is often justified. The church has become a tool which engenders gender segregation, in support of patriarchy. Rape in marriages is hardly addressed, and women are taught to be submissive in marriage. Are churches guilty as charged? How should some of these teachings be challenged and changed? Let’s hear your thoughts on this issue.

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There’s no such thing as ‘women’s issues’

Language shapes how we see the world. The vocabulary that labels the political, legal and social impacts of discriminatory and unjust practices as ‘women’s issues’ serves to keep these issues on the periphery. We need to radically change the conversation by naming and addressing ‘women’s issues’ for what they really are: issues that exist because we live in a man’s world, says Olutimehin Adegbeye.

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Radical Acts: An interview with Caron Gugssa-Howard and Camira Powell

The Black Feminisms Forum (BFF) is scheduled to take place in early September this year in Salvador, Brazil, ahead of the 2016 Association for Women’s Rights in Development Forum. It will bring together Black feminists from different communities and contexts across the globe to celebrate the contribution of Black feminisms to knowledge, practice and struggles for self-determination and justice, while building solidarity across the boundaries of nation states. In the lead up to this event, This is Africa will be publishing a series of interviews, features and articles about Black Feminisms. In this instalment, Amina Doherty speaks to activists, Caron Gugssa-Howard and Camira Powell about the importance of creating safe spaces for Black feminists, among other things.