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Follow the money: How ICTs ensure accountability in public spending in Nigeria

In March 2010, one of the worst lead-poisoning epidemics in history was discovered in Zamfara state, Northern Nigeria. Its root cause was unsafe practices by artisanal miners working in the area. The miners crush and grind ore to extract gold, in the process releasing dust that has a high lead content. Children and adults were exposed to this dust when they were labouring in the processing site, when relatives returned home with dust on their clothes and hands, or when processing ore in their homes. Water and food sources were also contaminated with this highly toxic element.

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New media technologies and political participation in Africa

The euphoria concerning the potential of new technologies to transform society and increase democracy is based on a flawed instrumentalist assumption that technologies by themselves have transformative power, but ICT access and online political deliberation or activism in sub-Saharan Africa cannot automatically be interpreted as a sign of deepening democracy and accountability