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Twitters latest trend might help you find your match #FindLoveWithKholi

It should have died down by now, but instead, #FindLovewithKholi a trending hashtag on Twitter that is helping singles find love, seems to be gaining momentum.



Are you a hopeless romantic? Are you looking for love? Then #FindLovewithKholi is the twitter trend for you.

The hashtag is an instant success for obvious reasons and is steadily gaining momentum. It is so far creating a microcosm on twitter that could easily rival Tinder, OkCupid and even the South Africa’s TV sensation Date my family that comes on Mzansi Magic.

How it works is you post a selfie with a brief description of who you are, the type of partner you are looking for and include the hashtag. Then, hopefully, someone slides into your DMs or for the brave on to your TL.




For the newbies be warned that twitter is really not the place to entrust matters of the heart but don’t let that deter you from you happily-till-it’s-over.

Here are some favourites from the trending hashtag:

Maybe don’t use the hashtag if you are already in a relationship.


Be sure you fit the unspoken criteria


No need to just shoot your shot once, the possibilities end where you want them to

Seriously shoot for the stars


LGB- Tea anyone?

It works too!

But eh… be ready for the clap back