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Zambian Kwacha ‘the world’s worst performing currency’

In this RNW Media/BBC Co-produced satire series, What’s up Africa looks at the news from the African continent, from the plummeting Zambian Kwacha to Trevor Noah’s first week as host of The Daily Show



In the last few months the Zambian currency the Kwacha has not been bringing much light to Zambians. Currently, the Kwacha is easily “the world’s worst performing currency” but President Lungu has assured Zambians that there’s no need to “panic”.

Despite credit rating agency Moody’s downgrading Zambia’s credit-worthiness to B2 from B1, President Lungu insists everything is under control.

In this episode, Ikenna Azuike also looks at the measures which could have been taken to save #Cecilthelion, and weighs in on #TrevorNoah’s first week as host of The Daily Show.

What’s Up Africa is a video blog created and presented by Ikenna Azuike


Watch the Africa in 90 seconds clip below:

[youtube id=”we53H9XZaas”]

Source: YouTube

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