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Morocco to host CHAN 2018 instead of Kenya

The Confederation of African Football emergency committee met in Lagos and unanimously decided that Morocco will host the fifth edition of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) instead of Kenya. Kenya’s rights to host the tourney were stripped after their preparations were deemed unsuitable for the biennial 16-team tournament.

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Tateh Lehbib Breica’s houses made from bottled sand helping Sahrawi refugees

The Sahrawi situation is one of the most protracted refugee crises in the world. The refugees fled fighting between Morocco and the Polisario Front following the end of Spain’s colonial administration of Western Sahara in 1976. An innovative project using plastic bottled sand to build houses started by Tateh Lehbib Breica, an engineer supported by UN Refugee Agency is helping to improve the living conditions of Sahrawi refugees. The houses are designed to withstand the elements, and the project has created jobs for many of the refugees.


25 Saharawis tried over Moroccan killings

The conflict between Western Sahara and Morocco has tempered down but the historic difficult relationship between the two parties can’t be erased. Attacks on the Saharawis by Moroccan forces led to death of many, and 25 Saharawis stand a retrial for the alleged killing of Moroccan security forces. Could the recent re-admittance of Morocco as the African Union’s 55 Member State be the first step on the long, and arduous road to resolving the conflict?


Morocco readmitted into the African Union: Will the AU remain resolute on Western Sahara?

The African Union (AU) welcomed an old member, the Kingdom of Morocco, that left the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU) after the continental bloc refused to support Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara, which it occupied in 1976. The dispute over Western Sahara will hog the limelight and the issue, which has continued to divide the AU member states will resurface and test the AU’s strength and resolve to address a longstanding political crisis.


WATCH: Moroccan TV clip showing abused women how to cover bruises causes outrage

A segment aired on Moroccan state TV channel showing women how to cover bruises from domestic violence with make-up has raised the ire of social media, strongly criticised for sanitising the abuse of women. A campaign “Don’t cover domestic violence with makeup” is gathering steam, and petitioners are calling on broadcasting authorities to take action against the channel.