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#WCW: Gazele, Nigerian-Australian soul singer
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Lifestyle #WCW: Gazele, Nigerian-Australian soul singer

Hailing from a musical family, Nigerian-Australian singer/songwriter Gazele couples the fierce energy of soul singers such as Liv Warfield with the pop sensibility of Emeli Sande to create a vibrant musical experience. Flamboyant, fun and unapologetically soulful, Gazele is here and ready to pounce on the music industry with power and grace, as only she can. She is this Wednesday’s Woman Crush

How corruption drives illicit financial flows
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Politics and Society How corruption drives illicit financial flows

Without significant anti-corruption measures on national, continental and international levels, African states will continually expose themselves to the risks of corruption and illicit financial flows. Effectively tackling corruption will certainly increase the developmental prospects for African states, and is as important as stopping the IFFs that continue to thrive on the continent