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Open Letter to African Leaders: Do Not Follow the West Into the Abyss

Doomsday clock, a magazine founded by the people who built the atomic bomb, say we will probably edge closer to annihilation when Donald Trump takes over as president. The danger is not just because of nuclear weapons, but climate change as well. In a letter to African leaders, Mukoma wa Ngugi argues that Africa can offer the world an alternative dream of peaceful and clean-energy egalitarian societies.

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Between Global Policy and National Development Agendas: From Talk to Action

“The time to repair the roof,” President John F. Kennedy once said, “is when the sun is shining.” This is certainly true when it comes to climate change. Recently adopted high-level global climate policy positions present the world, and more so Africa, with the opportunity to combat climate change and to deliver inclusive growth. However, for this to happen, there needs to be a synergy between global policy and national and regional development agendas.