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Re-afforestation a Game Changer for Africa’s Sustainable Growth?

In the last quarter of 2015 Africa joined the rest of the world in adopting the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development as well as the COP21 Paris agreement. As the most vulnerable region to climate change, these two crucial high level global strategic and policy decisions together with Africa’s own strategies, like the AU Agenda 2063, could set the continent on a growth path, guaranteeing food security, environmental resilience and economic inclusivity.

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Catalyzing Domestic Resource Mobilization for Africa’s Growth

Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other commitments, including the recent Paris Agreement on Climate Change, will require trillions of dollars in investment, and public financing alone is inadequate. More so for Africa, which already faces financing challenges; achieving sustainable development will require diversified financing, beyond traditional international public finance.

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The implications of the Paris Agreement for Africa: Seizing the moment

At COP21 in Paris last year, nearly 200 countries unanimously adopted a historic climate deal that commits all countries to emissions cuts and prioritized climate change adaptation. One of the takeaways include working towards keeping global temperature increases “well below” 2°C. Another positive – especially for Africa – is a commitment to balanced allocation of finances towards climate change adaptation and the mitigation needs of developing countries.

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Reversing illicit Financial Losses for Climate Adaptation in Africa

One of the expected outcomes from the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) is that it will provide a framework for actualizing the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development. However, achieving these noble ideals will not be possible without tackling climate change. Although Africa’s emissions remain negligible, the continent is the most vulnerable to climate change because its major economic sectors are highly climate sensitive and its adaptive capacity relatively weak.


Akon to speak on renewable energy at COP21

Akon will speak at the RE-Energizing the Future conference in Paris on leveraging renewable resources for development, sharing visions for a future powered by renewable energy. Akon’s organisation, Solektra International and its partners will discuss the fight against climate change and investment in clean technologies

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The Cost of Climate Change and Africa’s Future

A number of world leaders are coming together in Paris to reach an agreement that will put us on course to limit global warming to 2oC above pre-industrial levels. As this happens, the continent is faced with a barrage of challenges that are unprecedented in their scale and complexity. These include poverty, ecological degradation, food insecurity, population growth, youth unemployment, and of course climate change, which will dramatically define the contours of the continent in the years to come. As the African proverb goes: “When the music changes, so does the dance”.