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South African judge, Mabel Jansen condemned for “racist” and “prejudiced” rape comments

South Africans are yet again engaged in a heated debate on racism, sparked by recent comments made on social media by a white judge, Mabel Jansen that rape is part of the “black culture”. Judge Jansen wrote: “In their [black men] culture a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right and a woman’s consent is not required”. The remarks continue to cause an outrage, seen by many as extremely prejudiced and racist. We ask, would the proposed tough laws to criminalise racism stop racism?


Football coach who called Nigerian player “black idiot” keeps job. Sweeping racism under the carpet?

Slovenian football league team Olimpija Ljubljana’s head coach Marko Nikolic, who made a racial slur against his own player, calling Nigerian national Blessing Eleke a “black idiot” will keep his job. Surprisingly, the coach has managed to keep his job and he has neither been strongly reprimanded nor fined for the racial slur. Could such a soft stance be part of what feeds racism in football?