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The Arabs and the black skin: Dynamics of racial identity

What it means to be black in the Arab world today lies at the complex intersection of religion, race, and class. There have been numerous cases of racial discrimination in the Arab world. The media often show pictures of light skinned Arabs, usually classified as white. This is despite the history of most Arab nations being occupied by black skinned people. So what’s this little dirty secret, asks Mona Eltahawy, that the Arab world is hiding?


WATCH: Racist coffin video which has angered South Africa

A heart-wrenching racist video showing a South African black man being brutally shoved in a coffin by two white men has shocked a nation. Even more disturbing is the frequency of such racially motivated incidents, exposing the deep racial divisions in South Africa. Social media has been up in arms and the alleged perpetrators of what has been dubbed the “coffin alive” racist incident have since been arrested and are on trial, charged with assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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Rhodes Falls: Rhodes statue to be permanently removed from the University of Cape Town campus

University of Cape Town campaigners involved in the RhodesMustFall movement are surely on cloud nine following the approval of the permanent removal of Cecil John Rhodes’ statue from the university campus. The permanent removal of the Rhodes statue was unanimously approved by Heritage Western Cape’s Built Environment and Landscape Committee.


Gandhi Falls: Gandhi statue to be removed from the University of Ghana campus

University of Ghana campaigners who petitioned for the removal of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s statue from the university campus are celebrating the triumph of their campaign after the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration revealed the statue would be removed from campus. The campaigners have requested the University to give them an opportunity to “fund raise for the erection of a statue or statues of a Ghanaian/African hero(es)/heroine(s) to grace our University campus”.

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Woke alert: “Gandhi Must Fall” campaign gathers steam in Ghana

In these “woke” times, historical figures with controversial views aren’t having an easy time in Africa. Idols are being toppled – literally and figuratively – left,right and centre. A case in point is in Ghana where a campaign to remove a statue of Mahatma Gandhi from the campus of the University of Ghana is currently gaining momentum. Campaigners say Gandhi, the celebrated granddaddy of the non-violent movement, said a few too many racist things to be considered a friend of Africans. Should Gandhi be judged on the sum of his life or on the basis of a few undeniably racist comments?


Penny Sparrow pleads guilty to crimen injuria, fined R5,000 ($350) for racist comments

Penny Sparrow, the white South African realtor who caused a social media stir early this year for her racist remarks on Facebook comparing black people to monkeys has pleaded guilty to crimen injuria. Sparrow was fined R5,000 ($350) or 12 months in jail for the racist comments. In June, Sparrow was also fined R150,000 ($9,800) by the Equality Court for the racial comments.